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About me...

My life isn't "normal" in fact it's a little bit crazy but I like it that way. Network and social media marketing has completely changed my thoughts on what a typical job is. I now fully believe you can never learn too much or have too many fingers in too many pies. All you need is a well organised diary and a work/life balance. Working from home allows me to do this. I've realised by doing so can really change your earning potential and also the people you meet through this way of life can end up being some of your closest friends. 

Welcome to my crazy life. I look forward to helping you build a dream, learn something new and shop for that one thing you really love.

Over the past five years I've expanded, changed and reinvested my business. You'll now find that as an entrepreneur that you can't ever have your fingers in too many pies as long as you can remain organised. I now offer: small business website design including e-commerce sites, have written books leading me to meet other small authors and turned my passion for improving the lives of #spoonies into a business with Modere health and wellbeing products.

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