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The Crystal Fairy

Miss Arrowsmith needed a way to manage her orders and stock levels all in one place as well as reach more people. 

The site uses an inbuilt payment processor and point of sales system that allows her to track her income and business growth with ease.

In 2021 Rosie contacted me to say her business had expanded so much that she wanted to open a MLM program. We connected GoAffPro to her website and now she has a team of affiliated that can sell her products via their own unique link.


Rosie Louise Arrowsmith

     Facebook message:

1st picture is sales last year, second is the whole total since the store opened in 2017.

This may not seem like a lot to some but I am absolutely over the moon with my business sales last year. To say it’s a new business and it takes up to 3 years for one to kick off it isn’t half bad. This doesn’t include my stall sales and tarot sales because it would be a lot more.

I’m so proud of what I accomplished last year despite being in a shitty place and I’m excited to open my very first pop up shop this year and have a lot more in the pipeline (which I can’t say too much about because walls have ears and that 😉 )

Never give up on your dreams and I can’t wait for my little business to become a big business this year.

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